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Welcome 2012

Posted on January 6, 2012 at 5:06 PM Comments comments (114)
Hello, everybody, and welcome to 2012!!  For the new year, we've got some, let's say "exciting announcements"!  First off, for the Kids and Teens class; the Beginning Students (white belt thru purple belt) will be with Mr Rice ALL DAY on A Days, and with Mr Moench ALL DAY on B Days.  Parents, all this really means for you is that the Beginning students will need sparring gear on B Days now.  They don't need any extra gear for the A days this time around.

Intermediate and Advanced Students, it's the other way around.  You're with Mr Moench on A Days, Mr Rice on B Days (that means you guys'll need sparring gear on A Days).  Got all that?  Good!

Don't forget:  BOOM!'s Winter Parent's Night Out is Friday, January 13th, from 6:30 to 11pm in the Dance Barn!  Parents, you can drop off the kids with BOOM! for the evening, and we'll play games, have some food, watch movies, and generally have a BOOMtastic time!  The cost is only $30 for the whole evening, and they can bring a friend for FREE (note:  friend cannot also be a student at BOOM! Sorry)

What else?  Oh, yeah!  Buddy Week is next week, January 9th-12th!  The students can bring their friends into class all week for FREE!  It's gonna be awesome!  We had a presale on Buddy Week this week, and it was sweet! (I don't really know if that's the right term, but we did have some buddies in class this week!  They did great!)

Also, freestyle classes this month on the 7th and the 21st!  Advanced Brown Belts and above:  don't forget about the meeting with Mr Moench and Mr Rice this Friday, the 6th @ 7:30 in the Adult Center!  The requirements for Black Belt will be covered, and we'll talk about opportunities for you guys to get in some extra training as you work towards black!

That's a lot of stuff, but look for more info on our Spring Break camp, April 2nd-6th.  We'll be doing padded weapons sparring, which may be the most fun you can have.  Period.  There'll be a sign up sheet available starting next week.

Lastly, BOOM! will be hosting our first annual kick-a-thon coming up.  Details to follow...


Mr Moench

Advanced Nunchuck Form breakdown

Posted on December 14, 2011 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (544)
Here it is, in Mr Rice's own words, the Advanced Chuck Form!  Word  

(Intro) Bow 
left foot steps out with left downward punch, right downward punch 
circle arms up and behind body as you prep at thrust 
step feet together facing 1:30 
step left foot towards 10:30 as you set both hands out horizontally 
power wrap.

(Section 1) 
left side stance as you double left overhead strike 
shift into right side stance and double right overhead strike 
prep on right shoulder 
left front stance as you left downward diagonal strike 
reverse figure 8 up, forward figure 8 to a catch 
prep at thrust as to slide feet together 
double x block above head 
step into kick combo position as you set with hands out to the sides (everyone has their own kick combo)
kick combo.

(Section 2) 
Spin out of kick combo into a left side stance as you left overhead strike 
right leg steps into a right front stance 
double right horizontal strike 
backwards spin up, forward to a catch as you bring feet together set arms out as you step with left foot to 10:30 
feet together 

Beginning Nunchuck Form

Posted on December 9, 2011 at 6:27 PM Comments comments (427)
Hey All

As Belt Testing approaches, thought you might like a little nunchuck study guide.  Broken down step-by-step; here's the beginning nunchuck form:

Attention stance (nunchucks in right hand)


Horse stance, nunchucks to the front

Right shoulder block

Shift to a right front stance (front leg bent; back leg straight, back heel on floor)

Left hand chambers

Forward spin down, off leg, backward spin up to shoulder.  Repeat

Triangle body strikes (strike to left hip, across to right hip, up to right shoulder) Repeat

Figure 8's down behind leg, backward spins back to shoulder

Left hand reaches across belly, grab the nunchuck

Horse stance, nunchuks to front

Left shoulder block, shift to left front stance (front leg bent, drive back heel to floor, back leg straight)

Right hand chambers

Forward spin down, off leg, backward spin up to shoulder.  Repeat

Triangle body strikes (strike to right hip, across to left hip, up to left shoulder) Repeat

Figure 8's down behind leg, backward spins back to shoulder

Right hand reaches across belly, grab the nunchuck

Horse stance, nunchucks to front

Nunchucks to right hand, step back to right front stance

Right leg skip kick, tornado kick

Step out into left front stance

Down block with left hand

Punch with the nunchucks as you kneel.

Attention stance


note:  for the purposes of this form front stance = guard stance (more or less)


Mr Moench

BOOM Shakka-lakka

Posted on November 19, 2011 at 12:46 AM Comments comments (293)
Just wanted to give a sincere thanks to everyone who has made BOOM! so successful over the past few months!  It's been amazing to see the progress the students have made!  Jake, Brayden, Carter, Dawson, Ryan; you guys have been ripping it up since the beginning!  (If I didn't drop your name here, I apologize, I'll get to it, though!!).  Cole, Matthew, and all the new Li'l Dragons, you guys have been awe-inspiring!

BOOM! has really started to grow these past few weeks as word has started to leak out (in spite of my best intentions...), and more and more kids are coming in to feel the BOOM!  Thanks to everyone who has been helping us out, talking us up (or down, there's no such thing as bad publicity...)

Next up:  Adult martial arts at BOOM!  We're not giving up on it!!!  Also, don't forget:  TIP Testing is the week after Thanksgiving!!

Mr Moench

August stuff

Posted on August 5, 2011 at 4:02 PM Comments comments (122)
Hey everyone, August is gonna be a blast!  Glad summer is finally here! 

Come down to Bloedel-Donovan Park in Bellingham on Saturday, August 6th from 11-3 for KidsFest!  KidsFest is an annual event put on by Parks 'n' Rec of Bellingham!  It's full of games and activities for kids, food, and a whole bunch of fun!  Stop by and say hi to us at the BOOMBooth!

Freestyle classes this month on Saturdays now!  The 13th and the 27th!  Freestyle classes are 11:30am-12:30pm in the Adult Center!  These classes are included in your membership, but you do need your sparring gear!  Join us for this great class, and really take your training up a notch!  BOOM!

Parent's Night Out this month is Friday the 12th, from 6:30-11pm in the Dance Barn!  The theme for this month's Parent's Night Out is "take me out to the ballgame"!  We'll be playing all different kinds of ball games!  Kickball, Warball, Indoor baseball, Karate ball, and much, much more!  Just 30 bucks for one BOOM! student and their friend!  Includes food and a movie!  Don't miss out on all the fun!

Saturday, August 20th is our first ever BOOM! Adult Self-Defense Seminar!  Come learn some great, easily applied, and easy-to-remember self-defense moves!  The seminar starts at 11:30 in the Adult Center, and lasts until about 1:00 or so!  Tell all your friends!

BOOM! is going to be doing a back-to-school safety seminar in early September!  Stay tuned for date and time!  (I know it said September 10th in the newsletter, but that's not gonna work out...)

Welcome to the BOOMBlog! also, 2011 calendar

Posted on March 17, 2011 at 5:22 PM Comments comments (383)
Welcome to the BOOMBlog!  Here you'll find updates about events happening at BOOM! Elite Marital Arts for Sudden Vally, any announcements from the newsletter, and pretty much anything of interest relating to BOOM! Check back here often for updates! First off, here's the BOOM! Events Calendar for the REST OF 2011!

To view these calendars, you've gotta have Microsoft Word.  Sorry Mac users, I feel your pain.... Check back here for updates to the calendar!  As we add events, camps, etc., we'll post those updates on the blog, as well as in-class handouts. Also, feel free to post any comments or suggestions as to how we may improve the blog or the site.  Tried to keep it pretty simple and user-friendly, but I'm definitely no blogger, and I haven't built a website since the late 90's, and it's changed since then....