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My Blog


New Schedule?!

Posted on April 23, 2015 at 12:07 AM Comments comments (372)
Well, it's been awhile since I've blogged, but here we go...

Lots of stuff coming up for the summer!  Don't forget summer camp is on for the last 2 weeks in July (the 20th-31st)!  Anyone who attends BOTH weeks of summer camp will be able to test for a new belt on Friday, July 31st (some exceptions may apply for some of the more advanced belts, but 2 weeks of straight training will get you a whole heckuva lot closer to testing!)

Also, Parent's Night Out is coming up soon:  this Saturday, April 25th from 6:30-11pm here at BOOM! Just $30 for the whole night, and that includes pizza, a movie, and some spectacular ninja turtle training!  Don't miss out!

Yes, finally, what you're all really here for:  click on the PDF below for a copy of the new schedule - or, at least, the latest draft.  This way, I can have a class for beginners AND advanced kids everyday - except Mondays and Saturdays.  For the purposes of class sizes, the Beginning class is for white belts, yellow belts, and beginning orange belts.  The Advanced class is everyone else!  Please give me some feedback on this, and we should be able to implement it in the next few weeks!  Yee-haw!

Thanks, everyone, hopefully this keeps as many people happy as possible!  Also, until further notice, all classes will still meet at the old times!  

Mr Moench

Spring is Spring-ing!

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 1:17 AM Comments comments (190)
Well, March is coming to a close, and, as always, there's a lot of exciting stuff happening here at BOOM!

First off, belt testing and graduation is coming up on Saturday, March 29th.  Li'l Dragons will belt test in class this week, and everyone who passes will get their belts at the Li'l Dragons graduation on Saturday, March 29th @ 3:00 at the Bellingham BOOM!
Yellow thru Advanced Purple Belts will test @ 4:00
Beginning Blue through Advanced Green @ 5:30
Beginning Brown and Above:  7:00

Good luck to everyone on belt testing!

The week after belt testing is Spring Break for Bellingham Schools!  It's also Buddy Week at BOOM! March 31st-April 5th all BOOM! students can bring their friends to class to experience some BOOMtastic awesome-ness for themselves!  It's gonna be a great week of karate games:  War Ball, Karate Ball, Knights v. Gladiators, and much, much more!!  Don't miss out (and, more importantly, don't let your friends miss out)!

Summer Camp dates are out:  July 21st thru August 1st Camp BOOM! will be back on!  Still not sure if it's gonna be in Sudden Valley or in Bellingham, but will definitely let you know as soon as possible!  Don't forget:  anyone who attends/survives (!?) both weeks of summer camp will be able to test for their next belt on that Friday, August 1st!

Finally, here's the Honesty homework from March; make sure you hand it in before the belt test!  Good luck, everyone!


Mr Moench

Winter Events at BOOM!

Posted on November 14, 2013 at 2:27 PM Comments comments (393)
The holidays are fast approaching, and there are a lot of exciting things happening at BOOM!

Don't miss out on Pirate's Night Out on Saturday,  November 23rd from 6:30-11pm!  Just $30 for a BOOMstudent and their friend!  Don't miss out on all the swashbuckling action - treasure hunts, games, pirate tales, and all the fun you can handle!  Sign up at the front counter today!

Also, on Friday, November 28th is our Day-After-Thanksgiving Day Camp!  From 8am-4pm at the Bellingham BOOM! don't miss out on this crazy awesome day of fantastic martial arts!  Just $65 for the whole day!

The action doesn't slow down in December, either!  On Saturday, December 7th, come check out BOOM! at the Sudden Valley Holiday Bazaar!  The bazaar runs from 10am-4pm, and we'll be up on stage for a demo during the event!

Also, if you're looking for some great activities for the kids during the holidays, we've got a Sudden Valley Day Camp on Monday, December 23rd from 9am-4pm - just $65 for the whole day of BOOMtastic awesomeness!

Finally (almost!) don't miss out on BOOM!'s Second Annual Forms Camp from Monday, December 30th to Friday January 3rd!  Take your knowledge of your forms to the next level (sorry about that), learn how to create your own form, then, well, make your own forms!  Camp starts at 9am each day at the Bellingham BOOM!, and runs until 4:00 each day.  Just $199 for the whole week - don't miss out; sign up today!!

Still almost finally, BOOM! will be closed on the following days:  Saturday, November 16th
 Thursday, November 28th (for Thanksgiving)
 Saturday, December 14th (Mr Moench is heading to Port Orchard to train with Mr Graves!)

Finally finally, here's the November homework for the Li'l Dragons, Kids, and Teens.  Enjoy!

Mr Moench

Schedule Change for November

Posted on October 24, 2013 at 1:03 PM Comments comments (256)
Well, snap, October's almost gone.  A lot of you guys have come pretty far in the one month since you belt tested.  Most impressive!  

Don't forget:  next week is Halloween, and all students can wear their costumes to class ALL WEEK LONG (sidebar:  BOOM! will be closed on Thursday October 31st.  Mr Moench has been volunteering at the Sudden Valley Halloween Carnival for a few years now.  If anyone cares to stop by, it's in the Dance Barn from 6-8.  There's lots of really fun games, lots and lots of candy, prizes, contests, and a general awesome party!  That was a long sidebar.)

On Sunday, November 3rd, some BOOM! students will be performing a demo at Bellis Fair Mall.  The demo starts at 1:00, and is in what they call "Center Court" (in front of Hollister and Aeropostale).  Come check us out there!  It should be awesome!

For the LAST TIME, BOOM! will be closed on Friday, November 8th, and Saturday, November 9th, while Mr Moench is in Port Orchard for his belt test!  *gulp!* (BOOM! will still be closed on the occasional Saturday, while Mr Moench continues his training, but not Fridays, and not as much!)

After Friday the 8th, the regular classes on Friday will move to the Bellingham BOOM!  The first Friday class in Bellingham will be November 15th.  The times for the classes will also change:

Kids:  5:00-5:50
Li'l Dragons:  6:00-6:40
Teens:  7:00-8:00
Adult Kenpo:  8:00-9:00

That's right!  We're adding in an evening Kenpo class for adults!  Don't miss this chance to begin your exploration of this amazing art!  Come try the adult kenpo class for free for two classes to see what it truly has to offer.

But wait, there's more!  On Saturday, November 23rd, BOOM! will be hosting a very special Parent's Night Out:  Pirate's Night Out!  From 6:30-11pm at the Bellingham BOOM! the kids will pillage, plunder, and generally swashbuckle the night away!  Buried treasure, pirate tales, and everyone who attends gets to design their own pirate flag.  More fun, games, and activities (and food!) all night!  Just $30 for one BOOM! student AND a buddy!  Sign up at the front counter for what is always been a lot of fun for just $30!

On Black Friday (November 28th, BOOM! will be hosting a karate day camp!  Drop off the kids, for just $65 for the day, get your shopping done, and your martial artists will have a blast as we work our techniques in some really awesome and unique ways!  Camp starts at 8am and runs till 4pm.  Campers will need to bring a lunch, a water bottle, and a snack (cuz they'll be working up an appetite!) Don't miss out on this fun AND informative camp!  Sign up at the front counter!

Also, speaking of Thanksgiving, BOOM! will be closed on Thursday, November 27th.  Regular classes will resume on Friday, November 28th (cuz, c'mon, we're not Macy's...)

Lastly, the CURIOSITY Homework.  If anyone still needs it, make sure you get it turned in ASAP!

Train hard, and I'll see you in class!

Mr Moench

TEAMWORK Homework, end of summer stuff

Posted on August 6, 2013 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (178)
Well, it's hard to believe, but summer's about ready to wrap up....  The back-to-school sales are starting, but at least the weather is still nice!

The BOOM! Homework Challenge is officially on!  Turn in your homework every month ON TIME for a year, and you get a trip to the waterslides!  That being said, here is the homework for July:  TEAMWORK.  If anyone missed it:

Mr Moench

April Homework, May Stuff

Posted on April 25, 2013 at 12:36 AM Comments comments (90)
Well, the weather's heating up, and summer is right around the corner!  BOOM! has got some exciting stuff going down over the next little bit, so be sure not to miss out!

Coming up on Saturday, May 11th is Parent's Night Out!  From 6:30 to 11pm at the Bellingham BOOM!  We'll be doing some awesome Jedi Training; Vadering, using the Force, and of course, lightsaber training!  Everybody who attends Parent's Night Out will also be able to construct their own lightsaber!  Don't miss out on this awesome event!  Just $30 for one BOOM! student and a friend (includes food, movie, and all necessary lightsaber components!)

On Friday, May 17th, BOOM! will be in Bellingham's annual Jr Ski 2 Sea parade!  The lineup for the parade starts at 5:00 (although we'll get there earlier, cuz it's fun to stand on the street extra!) on Cornwall Ave, across from Bellingham High School.  The parade starts at 6:00 pm, and lasts about 30 minutes or so, through downtown.  Come join us as we march through the Ham, doing martial arts as we go!  This should be a blast!

Don't forget, BOOM! will be closed for regular classes that day (Friday the 17th) for the parade, as well as Saturday, May 18th (Mr Moench is headed down to Port Orchard!)

Lastly, what you really wanted:  April's COURTESY Homework!!

Bellingham G.O. & Belt Testing

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 2:31 PM Comments comments (388)
It's about that time again!  Belt testing will be held on Friday, September 28th @ 5:30 for KIDS AND TEENS ONLY!! LI'l Dragons will belt test IN CLASS the week of September 24th, then attend the graduation ceremony, which will begin as soon as the Kids and Teens testing ends on Friday (which should be around 7:00pm or so).  

The Notice of Intent to Test will be handed out in class the first week of September.  They are due back to BOOM! by Friday, September 21st.  These forms need to be filled out by your parents AND teachers (hey, first impressions are important!) and turned in to Mr Moench with the $10 belt fee by the due date...

Classes at the Bellingham location are now up and going!  Students may attend classes at either location, and I want to give a sincere thanks to all of you guys who came out to check out and support the new location yesterday!  

Last up, the official Grand Opening for the Bellingham location will be Saturday, October 6th @ 11am, so BOOM! will be closed for regular classes that day.  During the day, we will be holding seminars and classes for the community.  Current students are more than welcome to attend, stop by and train their own stuff, open-mat style, bring their friends, whatever!!

Between now and the Grand Opening, BOOM! will be running some pre-Grand Opening specials for all new students at BOTH LOCATIONS during the month of September, so now's the perfect time for your friends to come check us out and feel the BOOM!

Mr Moench

Bellingham BOOM

Posted on August 24, 2012 at 1:58 PM Comments comments (458)
Well, now it's official!! Got the place, wrote the checks, got the keys, and the mats and gear (and mirrors!) are on their way!  Bellingham, here comes the BOOM!  Check out the schedule for the class times.  To all current BOOM! students in Sudden Valley:  yes, the schedule will change.  And, no, nobody likes that.  If I could only clone myself...the thought is...terrifying. 

Classes for the Bellingham location will start up on Tuesday, September 4th.  I know, it's not that far off....  Our official grand opening for the Bellingham location won't be until early October, so get in on the pre-Grand Opening Specials NOW!!  

So, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, classes will meet in Sudden Valley, in the Adult Center.  Please note the addition of regular Friday classes, in addition to the schedule change on Wednesday.  Monday classes will stay the same.  All Friday classes will meet in the Adult Center, as indicated on the schedule.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, it's Bellingham's turn.  

The schedule will still operate on the A-day, B-day structure, with Monday & Tuesday being A days, Wednesday and Thursday are B days.  Fridays and Saturdays can be used for either A days or B days, depending on what you need to work on/make up. The curriculum will remain the same (more or less...), as will the requirements for each belt level.

Now, here's something we hope you'll all enjoy:  any student can train at either school at any time.  Valley-ites (?), that means that if you find yourself in town on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, feel free to drop in for class!  'Hamsters, feeling adventurous?  Wanna make that drive down Lake Whatcom to Sudden Valley  (It's really only 6 miles from town) on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday?  Come on in to BOOM! in Sudden Valley's Adult Center for those classes!  Questions?  Please call Mr Moench (360) 303-3334 anytime!!  

See you at BOOM! 

Mr Moench

Moving Forward...

Posted on August 2, 2012 at 2:39 PM Comments comments (259)
Hello everyone

As I'm sure you've heard by now, Mr Rice is longer with BOOM!  I wish him and Mr Schultsmeier all the best as they continue their martial arts instruction in Bellingham.  

As BOOM! moves forward, I just wanted to let those people who were waiting on the Bellingham school to know that it has not been scrapped.  It's just gonna be a little longer.  I'd appreciate any feedback from parents or students about either location.  As things stand now, I am considering a school in Bellingham for classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; with the Sudden Valley location holding classes Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  

I also wanted to extend an offer to all current students at BOOM!  Although it's also mentioned in the August newsletter, I do want to add a little something to everyone's martial arts experience here at BOOM!  So, starting immediately, all current students will receive two half-hour private lessons each month!!  Please don't fail to take advantage of this:  private lessons generally run $25 per hour, and we're offering one free hour of private lessons per month!  Of course, the private lessons are on a first come, first served basis, so please contact Mr Moench today to schedule yours!

If you have any questions about BOOM! from here, please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] or call BOOM! at (360) 303-3334.  Thank you, and keep training hard!!

Mr Moench

Early April Stuff

Posted on March 31, 2012 at 11:14 PM Comments comments (336)
As Spring starts to poke its head out (a little), we've got a lot of exciting things coming up as the weather warms!

First off, Spring Break Camp is this week (April 2nd-6th).  Padded weapons fighting is the theme, and it will be AWESOME!  Parents:  The Camp runs from 9am-3pm.  Campers will need their uniform and belt, as well as some comfortable clothes they can move around in.  They'll also need a lunch, snack, and a water bottle.  The drop off schedule for Spring Break Camp is as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday please drop off in the Dance Barn by 9am.  Thursday's drop-off will be in the Adult Center.  

The camp will end at 3:30.  Pickup is sometime between then and the end of their class.  IMPORTANT:  BOOM! will still have regular classes during Spring Break camp, and attendance is still required during this week, even if you're doing Spring Break Camp.  The pickup location will depend on when the students are picked up.  If they are staying for class that day, just pick 'em up from there. 

If they're not staying for class, Monday and Thursday pickup will be at the Adult Center; Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the Dance Barn.  Complicated enough?  I'll have a handout for everyone on Monday that should be a little more clear.

Whew!  CampBOOM - our amazing summer camp - is on again this year!  It was so awesome last year that we're doing it again!  July 16th-27th here in Sudden Valley!  See Mr Moench for more details or to register TODAY!!

Which leads me to some REALLY big news:  as some of you may have heard, BOOM! will soon be coming to Bellingham!  That's right, BOOM! Elite Martial Arts will be opening a Bellingham location soon!  Our Sudden Valley location will still be there (don't worry); this is just a great opportunity for us to offer some BOOMtastic awesomeness to families in Bellingham!  Tell your friends and stay tuned for more!

Mr Moench