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My Blog


Warm enough for ya?

Posted on May 15, 2014 at 6:24 PM Comments comments (397)
Well, the weather's heating up, and you know what that means:  school's coming to an end, BOOM! is gonna have some choices to make in Sudden Valley, and Camp BOOM is a-coming!  First off, let's get the homework up for April (Responsibility) and May (Focus).  Sorry the April stuff is a bit late getting up here, but you know how it goes...

Don't forget that THIS Friday, May 16th is the Jr Ski 2 Sea Parade!  The parade starts at 6:00, but Mr Moench will be there a little after 4:00 to line up early, so look for BOOM! there!  If you wanna be in the parade with BOOM! wear your uniform and belt (and shoes!) and karate your way through downtown Bellingham!

The next day (Saturday the 17th) will be Parent's Night Out:  Spaceship Wars!  Parents can drop off their kids at BOOM! from 6:30-11:00 for a night of epic space battles!  Just $30 for one BOOM student and their friend includes pizza and a movie!

Regular class for BOOM! is on for Memorial Day (Monday, May 26th) in Sudden Valley - see you there!  Speaking of Sudden Valley...

As of now, BOOM! will no longer be allowed to conduct classes in Sudden Valley in the Dance Barn, Adult Center, or any other place operated by the Sudden Valley Community Association.  We're currently trying to find some space to hold classes for families in Sudden Valley (but if you're familiar with the Valley, you know it's slim pickings...), and this is what we've got so far:

Waldorf  Hills School Auditorium (on Austin St, on the way to S.V., past the Geneva Firehouse)

The Firs (just past Geneva Elementary School)

Geneva Elementary School Gymnasium - this may only be a possibility during the school year

Lakewood (owned by WWU, about 1/2 mile before Gate 3 on Lake Whatcom Blvd)

Right now, it *might* work to rent Lakewood during the summer, and then use the Geneva gym during the school year.  I know this is a  bummer for the families in Glenhaven, but nothing's finalized yet.  However, nothing located in Sudden Valley has panned out...

Also, there's only a few more Summer Camp spots available!  Camp this year is July 21st through August 1st, and will be held at the Bellingham BOOM!  Camp is just $299 for both weeks, and any campers who complete both weeks will be eligible to test for a new belt at the end of the 2nd week (some exceptions apply) - trust me - you'll earn it!!  

I think that about wraps it up; if you've got any ideas about spaces in Sudden Valley for classes, please don't hesitate to talk to Mr Moench!  Thank you, and enjoy the sun (cuz you know it won't last...)


Mr Moench

Winter is...Ending. 2014 Stuff's a-Comin'

Posted on February 13, 2014 at 2:38 PM Comments comments (294)
Well, considering it was 15 degrees a week ago, the weather's not so bad now....  With the calendar turning over to 2014, it's time to start planning out the year.  Yay!

First off, coming up on Monday February 17th BOOM! is gonna be hosting a President's Day Camp.  That day we'll be having a ton of fun playing awesome karate games!  War Ball, Knights v Gladiators, Defeat the Evil Warlord, and much, much more!  The Camp runs from 9am to 4pm at the Bellingham BOOM!, and is only $50 for the whole day!  Note:  on this day ONLY, all classes will meet at the Bellingham BOOM! instead of Sudden Valley.  Don't worry, though.  Classes are back in the Valley on Wednesday the 19th!

Also, BOOM! will be closed on Saturday, February 22nd - Mr Moench is headed down to Port Orchard for training with his instructor, Mr Graves.  Also, on Friday the 21st there will be NO Teens or Adult Kenpo classes that night!

Belt Testing for Spring will be the last Saturday in March, the 29th.  We'll start things off with the Li'l Dragons belt graduation ceremony at 2:00 at the Bellingham BOOM! (Li'l Dragons will belt test in class that week).  Anyone testing for Yellow Belt through Advanced Purple Belt will test at 3:00, Beginning Blue through Advanced Green at 5:00, and Beginning Brown and above at 7:00!  Intent to Test forms will be handed out in class the first week in March, and must be filled out by the parents and teachers, and returned to BOOM! with the $10 belt fee before the test!

Also, during Spring Break (March 31st - April 4th) BOOM! will be holding our annual Spring Break Camp!  The camp will meet at the Bellingham BOOM! from 9am to 4pm every day (during this week all classes will meet at the Bellingham BOOM!)  Once again, this camp will be SPAR WARS:  Episode 2:  Attack of the Kicks!  We'll be focusing on kicks and kick combos for sparring!  We'll be holding tournaments every day, culminating in the Grand Championship Tourney on Friday, April 4th!  Trophies and prizes are on the line!  Don't miss out on this awesome event!

Finally, Summer Camp Dates are out!  July 21st - August 1st Camp BOOM! is on!  Anyone who completes (survives!) both weeks of summer camp will be able to test for their new belt on Friday, August 1st!  

Last, here' s the homework for January (DECISION-MAKING) and February (LEADERSHIP).  Enjoy!

Mr Moench

Getting warmer...

Posted on April 23, 2012 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (320)
Well, I guess mid-60's is warm for Sudden Valley.  So, BOOM!'s coming to Bellingham soon, and we'll be seen in town a bit more-don't worry, Sudden Valley, we'll still be here for you....

Buuuuuuut, join at the Junior Ski 2 Sea Parade on May 18th @ 6:00pm!  Check here for the official Junior Ski 2 Sea Parade page.  Basically, we'll get together at the parade route, then march down it together!  It should be a blast!  Come on down, wear your uniform or your BOOMShirt and get in on some of this parade!  Awesome!  Any BOOM student who shows up is more than welcome to march with us!  Meet up a little early, though, so we can get a good spot...

Also, summer camp dates are out!  July 16th-27th!  Camp BOOM! is open to ANYBODY in the community, not just current BOOM! students!  You can sign up for one or both weeks of camp.  It's $149 for one week, or $249 for both!  And, just like last year, anyone who completes (survives) both weeks of camp can test for their next belt at the end of the second week! (Getting kicked in the pool is optional, but fun!)

So, sign-up for Camp BOOM! TODAY!  Space is limited, and I mean it!

Mr Moench

Early April Stuff

Posted on March 31, 2012 at 11:14 PM Comments comments (336)
As Spring starts to poke its head out (a little), we've got a lot of exciting things coming up as the weather warms!

First off, Spring Break Camp is this week (April 2nd-6th).  Padded weapons fighting is the theme, and it will be AWESOME!  Parents:  The Camp runs from 9am-3pm.  Campers will need their uniform and belt, as well as some comfortable clothes they can move around in.  They'll also need a lunch, snack, and a water bottle.  The drop off schedule for Spring Break Camp is as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday please drop off in the Dance Barn by 9am.  Thursday's drop-off will be in the Adult Center.  

The camp will end at 3:30.  Pickup is sometime between then and the end of their class.  IMPORTANT:  BOOM! will still have regular classes during Spring Break camp, and attendance is still required during this week, even if you're doing Spring Break Camp.  The pickup location will depend on when the students are picked up.  If they are staying for class that day, just pick 'em up from there. 

If they're not staying for class, Monday and Thursday pickup will be at the Adult Center; Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the Dance Barn.  Complicated enough?  I'll have a handout for everyone on Monday that should be a little more clear.

Whew!  CampBOOM - our amazing summer camp - is on again this year!  It was so awesome last year that we're doing it again!  July 16th-27th here in Sudden Valley!  See Mr Moench for more details or to register TODAY!!

Which leads me to some REALLY big news:  as some of you may have heard, BOOM! will soon be coming to Bellingham!  That's right, BOOM! Elite Martial Arts will be opening a Bellingham location soon!  Our Sudden Valley location will still be there (don't worry); this is just a great opportunity for us to offer some BOOMtastic awesomeness to families in Bellingham!  Tell your friends and stay tuned for more!

Mr Moench

Camp BOOM!

Posted on June 14, 2011 at 4:01 PM Comments comments (324)
Hey everybody!  This summer, BOOM! is going to be hosting it's first ever summer camp event!  July 18-29, Camp BOOM! will be achieving liftoff! (sorry, that's a bad pun)  

Oh, the days, they will be packed with awesome!  In the morning, campers will have martial arts lessons-mostly-indoors.  The campers will practice everything form Xtreme Martial Arts, to kenpo, jiujitsu, and kickboxing!  In the afternoon (following lunch!), training will be held outdoors (weather permitting, always) in the sunshine (if it's around...)

In addition to martial arts training, the kids'll have a blast with the games and activities involved, as they spend an intense two weeks becoming phenomenal martial artists!  Not only will their physical martial arts technique improve; but spending all that time showing the focus, the self-discipline, and the perseverance necessary to train martial arts will really show everywhere they go! 

The two week camp is going to consist of more hours of on-the-mat martial arts training than the students would normally receive in three months of twice-weekly classes (that's a pretty complicated way to say that...); because of that, any student who attends the entire two-week camp will be able to test for their next belt on the last Friday of camp, July 29th! 

That's a lot of details, but here's what everyone really wants to know: 

2 weeks of Camp BOOM! is just $249
1 week of Camp BOOM! is just $149

All campers will need to wear the official Camp BOOM! t-shirt to camp everyday - it makes it easier to keep the students together outside.  When you enroll, every camper will receive one free t-shirt; additional shirts are available for just $12!

Call BOOM! at (360) 303-3334 if you have any qeustions or to enroll today!

Mr Moench